The University of Michigan Releases Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey.

The University of Michigan today released the findings and data of a campus sexual misconduct climate survey that it conducted. It will take some time to review this document and the included data.  But, upon a quick review of the executive summary it is unlikely that the results of this survey will quell the dispute about the rate of campus sexual misconduct/assault.

The one figure that will most likely generate the most “discussion” are the findings about nonconsensual penetration. The survey found that 9.7% of female students at the University of Michigan had experienced some form of unwanted oral, vaginal, or anal penetration.  The executive summary noted that most of the unwanted sexual penetration occurred primarily after verbal pressure and under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The summary then goes on to note that fewer than 1% of the students reported that the unwanted sexual penetration was due to the use of physical force.

The complete report is linked in the first sentence above.

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