Illinois Students No Longer Required to Give School Officials Their Social Media Passwords.

Well, that did not take long an invasive law. In late 2014 Illinois enacted a law that required a student to provide their social media account passwords to school officials if the school officials had reasonable cause to believe that the social network account contained evidence that the student had violated a school disciplinary rule or policy.

There must have been quite a bit of opposition to this law based on the grounds of privacy and governmental overreach.  Just recently amendments were passed and signed into law by the Governor that basically rescinds the ability of school officials to demand that students (both secondary and post-secondary) turn over their social media account passwords.

The law as originally constructed was an outlier regarding social media account privacy law.  If anything, the trend has been for states to pass legislation that affords some level of privacy protections to social media accounts.  Although these protections have been more prevalent in the employer-employee realm, it really was exceptional to see a law passed that conferred on school officials the right to demand that students turn over their social media passwords, even in the case of suspected rules violations.

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