Competing Federal Campus Sexual Assault Bills Generating Controversy.

Previously I have written about two competing pieces of campus sexual assault legislation that have been proposed.  One of the bills is the “Campus Accountability and Safety Act” which has been introduced in the Senate with Senators Claire McCaskill and Krstin Gillibrand being the bill’s primary sponsors. The other is the “Safe Campus Act of 2015” and it has been introduced in the House of Representatives.  This proposed bill is supported by national greek organizations and former Senator Trent Lott has recently been retained to lobby on behalf of the bill.

At the time of my prior posts I surmised that the “Campus Accountability and Safety Act” would likely be passed (perhaps with revisions), whereas the “Safe Campus Act” did not seem to have much of a chance of success.  My posts can be found here for the former and here for the latter.

Interestingly the dynamics regarding the “Safe Campus Act” may have shifted a bit recently.  This may be reflected in the fact that Senators McCaskill and Gillibrand last week held a conference call with reporters to denounce the “Safe Campus Act” as posing a threat to colleges’ ability to respond to incidents of campus sexual assault.  A flurry of news reports ensued about these two competing bills.  Here is one of the articles which was in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Perhaps my earlier musings about the prospects for these two bills was a bit premature.  The travel of these two proposed pieces of legislation warrants watching by the higher education community as the outcomes will directly impact their handling of cases of campus sexual assault.

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