Alcohol, Drugs and Campus Sexual Assault. A Revealing Study.

A Brown University study conducted by Professor Kate B. Carey resulted in some interesting findings pertaining to campus sexual assault predictors.

As reported in an article in Life Science the study revealed two factors in a woman’s risk of sexual assault during her first year of college.  The study focused on the first year of attendance at college as it is known that that is the time when the risk of rape is highest.

The first major finding was that women who had been raped prior to college, due to incapacitation by alcohol or drugs, had a significantly higher risk of being raped during their first year at college due to drug or alcohol incapacitation.

The second finding was that women who said at the beginning of their first year that they had a belief that alcohol could enhance their sexual experiences were at a greater risk of incapacitated rape than those women who did not hold that belief.

This study was based on 483 surveyed students at a university located in New York, and Prof. Carey indicated that further research should be conducted at other schools.

What this study highlights for colleges and universities is making sure that sexual assault educational programming for first year students (both male and female) incorporates an element that addresses student attitudes regarding alcohol and drugs and the attendant increase risk of sexual assault.

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