Protagonist in Rolling Stone Gang Rape Lawsuit Ordered to Turn Over Communications

The University of Virginia Dean’s defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone magazine is the story that keeps on giving.

During the discovery process of the lawsuit there has been a bit of a tussle about whether “Jackie” will have to turn over to plaintiff’s counsel communications about the story that formed the basis of Rolling Stone’s gang rape article.  Counsel for Jackie has opposed the discovery request, and as I wrote in a prior post the National Organization for Women weighed in with an open letter asking the University of Virginia’s President to take some sort of unspecified action to ” …. put a stop to what we regard as a re-victimization of this young woman.”

Unsurprisingly, as Jackie is the central figure behind the gang rape story recounted in the Rolling Stone article, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Glen E. Conrad recently indicated that he will be ordering Jackie to comply with substantial portions of the discovery request by plaintiff’s  counsel.  In an article in the Washington Post it is reported that Jackie will be required to turn over her communications with University of Virginia staff, Rolling Stone, and the author of the Rolling Stone article. Judge Conrad also indicated from the bench that he was further considering whether Jackie will be required to turn over communications with other third parties about the alleged gang rape and the Rolling Stone article. This final aspect of the breadth of the final written order to be issued by Judge Conrad is worth monitoring.



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