Ohio University releases results of sexual assault survey.

In early November Ohio University released the results of a sexual misconduct campus climate survey. As has been the case with these surveys seeking feedback the response rate has been rather lackluster.  In the case of Ohio University the survey was distributed to 19,549 students and only 1,130 responded (6.9 percent).

In its report Ohio University indicated that 29% of the women respondents indicated that they were sexual assault victims and about 13% of the female respondents indicated that they had been raped.

Based on the results of this survey, Ohio University stressed the importance of addressing sexual assault on its campus and that in order to improve its campus climate 10 actions items were being adopted to address unwanted sexual behavior.

What is a bit curious is that in some media outlets it is being reported that the Ohio University survey results aligns with the oft repeated figure that 1 in 4 college women are the victims of sexual assault.  This figure is being touted despite the fact that Ohio University in its report cautions about the statistical significance of the response rates based on the low response rate.


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