Trump to move forward on immigration crackdown.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times one of the first items on the Trump administration’s agenda is to take action to crack down on people who are present in United States in an undocumented status (or illegally which ever nomenclature you prefer).

The LA Times article indicates that there will be stepped up enforcement actions with plans that include: (1) workplace raids; (2) broadening the reach of people who will be subject to deportation (including people with minor criminal violations); (3) send ICE agents to jails to find immigration violators; and (4) narrow the definition of who will be eligible to seek asylum status.

The article also indicated that President Trump, as seems to be the prevailing opinion, will not take immediate action against undocumented people who were brought here as children by their parents.  It would seem that enforcement-deportation initiatives will not immediately be focused on this group.  Rather, time will be given so that the new administration and Congress can adopt legislation in order to give these folks legal status in the United States.


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