DACA appears to be safe for now. 

The news out of Washington is good for the immediate continuation of DACA. In a Politico article an official for the USCIS indicated that applications for DACA protections and work permits are continuing to be processed and have not been put on hold by the new Trump administration.

The second piece of good news for DACA beneficiaries and proponents came from Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary. During Spicer’s first full blown press conference (not counting the snit about the size of the crowd at the Inauguration) he indicated that enforcement actions against DACA  beneficiaries was not a priority .  Rather Spicer indicated that the present priorities respecting immigration are to build a wall and take action against people who are here illegally and are violators of criminal law.

Although this news seems to provide some immediate relief  for people covered by DACA it does not address a long term remedy to provide them lawfully present status in the United States. As I posited earlier, it would appear that the Trump administration is going to give the legislative branch time to pass a law granting some sort of permanency for lawfully present status to DACA covered people (although the reach of coverage may not be as broad as contained in Obama’s Executive Order).


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