Update: arrested DACA recipient still detained following court hearing

Just as a quick update, at a hearing on Friday a federal court judge declined to release an arrested DACA recipient.  Rather than taking formal action itself the court requested that the matter be referred to an immigration court for a bail hearing to be held within seven days. A report on the status of this case can be found here.

A piece of information contained in the article appears to reinforce the notion that this matter is not unique and not cause for alarmist concerns about a change in the Trump administration’s stance regarding DACA.

In the article it was noted that DHS indicated that since 2012 approximately 1,500 DACA recipients have had their status revoked based on the reason that they constituted a threat to public safety due to either a criminal conviction or a gang affiliation.

Although this case is interesting for the attention it appears to be generating in media and immigrant rights advocacy circles, in and of itself it does not seem to merit the calls that it serves as a sign that at this time Trump is changing his administration’s posture on DACA.


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